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The Newlin Grist Mill and the surrounding 160-acre park is a place for exploration of both history and the environment. With its working grist mill, programs, and nature trails, the Newlin Grist Mill is where Learning Is Fun! Whether you are involved in preservation, education, outdoor recreation, or just relaxing, there is something for you.


Newlin Grist Mill History

In the winter 1682/83, Nicholas Newlin and his family landed in Upland (adjacent to Chester, PA), newly arrived from Ireland and seeking religious and economic opportunities. The family settled in Concord Township and began building a new life for themselves. In 1704, Nicholas’ son Nathaniel constructed a grist mill now known as the Newlin Grist Mill. The mill served its community as a source for grinding grains and strengthened the economy by exporting products to international markets around the world.


Until 1941, the mill continued to grind grains and sell flour products under several different owners (Newlin, Trimble, Sharpless, and Hill). Each generation of owner also updated machinery and expanded the building to meet the needs of the time. These changes can be seen in the construction and landscape of the Newlin Grist Mill.


Nicholas Newlin Foundation

In the mid-20th century, a ninth-generation descendent of Nicholas Newlin visited the mill looking for his family’s origins and became captivated by its character and traditions. E. Mortimer and Elizabeth Newlin purchased the mill in 1956 and immediately began restoring the building and equipment. Mr. and Mrs. Newlin established the Nicholas Newlin Foundation in 1960 giving it a mission that remains relevant today.


The purpose of the Nicholas Newlin Foundation is to preserve its land and its historic buildings for the pleasure and education of the public.


In an area of urban growth, the Foundation maintains open land as a refuge for plants, animals, and birds, and for the people who come to enjoy them. In an era of high technology, it offers visitors insights into the vanished life of the rural eighteenth century. This two-fold objective of environmental and historical concerns is combined in a single theme wherever possible.


Following the ideals of its founder, E. Mortimer Newlin, the Foundation will strive to enhance its service to the public, while securing its future by managing its finances wisely.


For more than fifty years, the Nicholas Newlin Foundation has served its community through the preservation of history and open space, conservation of plants, animals, and waterways, and as a place for both education and recreation. Today, the Nicholas Newlin Foundation continues to maintain the Newlin Grist Mill and Park along with its twelve historic structures and over eight miles of hiking trails. Through a distinct balance of dedication to tradition and acceptance of innovation, the Newlin Grist Mill provides opportunities to connect with history, nature andthe insights of a learned and enthusiastic staff.

About Newlin Grist Mill

Mid-20th-century mill before restoration

Mortimer and Elizabeth Newlin, founders of the Nicholas Newlin Foundation

Mortimer Newlin giving tours of the mill

Community barn raising in the 1980s

Message to Our Community


In light of current conditions, Newlin Grist Mill continues to be closed as follows:

  • The NGM Visitor Center, Archive, Blacksmith Shop, Millwright Shop, and public restrooms remain closed;

  • All tours, programs and events have been postponed or cancelled during this period;

  • Pond Fishing will remain closed until further notice;

  • Rentals are being cancelled for this period of time;

  • There will be no Volunteer Wednesday Workdays;

  • The trails will remain open, but parking is limited; and we ask that everyone be mindful of social distancing when on the property.

Decisions concerning additional closings will follow based on the developing situation. Please check back for updates.

While the trails at Newlin Grist Mill remain accessible while the site is closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we do want to remind everyone of a few things:

  • Continue to observe proper social distancing when you are on the trails. If you are ill or have been around anyone who is ill or has been exposed to the virus, please remain at home. If you arrive and find that the parking lot is crowded, please postpone your visit to another time.  

  • Please remember that all dogs must be on a leash that is held securely by the owner at all times. This is a township law, and it is to protect the health and safety of all park visitors (human and canine) and the wildlife in the park.

  • The park contains unique habitats that are home to sensitive plants and animals, some of which are being monitored through ongoing scientific surveys.  Please stay on the trails to avoid disturbances (wading, dip netting, collecting, rock throwing etc.) that could damage wildlife and vegetation. 

  • Remember that collecting of any kind, including plants and animals, is prohibited in the park.

We appreciate your understanding and support during this challenging time.

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