Timeline of Ownership of Newlin Grist Mill

1682 - Nicholas Newlin acquires 500 acres of land from William Penn


1699 - Nicholas Newlin wills his estate to his son, Nathaniel


1704 - Nathaniel Newlin, son of Nicholas, erects a grist mill on the west bank of Chester Creek


1729 - Nathaniel Newlin wills the mill to his son, Nicholas


1768 Thomas Newlin inherits 500 acres from his father, Nicholas (Thomas had little interest in the mill and leased it to John Trimble from 1768-1771)


1772 - Lease turned over from John Trimble to Daniel Trimble (1772-1774)


1774 - Lease turned over from Daniel Trimble to William Trimble (1774-1778)


1778 - Lease turned over from William Trimble to John Sharpless (1778-1781)


1789 - Joseph Finch taxes for 20 acres and the grist mill (probably as a tenant worker solely operating the mill)


1811 - Mill willed to Eliza, John, Martha, and Thomas Newlin from their grandfather, Thomas Newlin


1817 - William Trimble buys mill at a sheriff (foreclosure) sale (seized from Benjamin Newlin for repayment of debt)


1829 - Abraham Sharpless purchases mill from William Trimble


1835 - Abraham Sharpless wills the mill to his son, Casper Sharpless


March 1836 - Casper Sharpless sells mill to Abraham W. Sharpless


November 1836 - Abraham W. Sharpless sells mill to Casper Sharpless


1860 - John Hill purchases mill from Casper Sharpless


1880 - John Hill wills the mill to Samuel N. Hill


1894 - William W. Hill becomes partner of the mill with his father, Samuel N. Hill


1929 - Samuel N. Hill passes mill onto William W. Hill


1942 - Daniel I. Conlon buys mill from Mary Hill (executrix of William W. Hill's will)


1956 - E. Mortimer Newlin purchases mill from Daniel I. Conlon

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