What We Know About Our Dam

May 2, 2014

We are still in the process of assessing damage to our dam.  Now that the water from the storms has receded, we are able to examine what will needs to be done.  This is what we know:


  • The bed of dam did not wash away.  This is good news!!  It means the foundation of this structure is sound and we can begin re-building on top of it.

  • Several of the large stones are still in place in front of the area that was washed out.  They didn't all wash down stream (although a significant portion of stone did), and we'll be able to reuse these stones.

  • We are committed to restoring the dam.  Right now we are trying to determine what permits we need.  What plans need to be in place.  How much a repair will cost. Our staff is hard at work determining how to proceed. 


We will keep you updated on this project as it progresses.

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