Permits Granted for Emergency Repairs

May 8, 2014

Today was a big day for us...and for the dam.  Our site director, Tony Shahan, met with officials from the DEP to discuss necessary permits to restore the dam.  Thankfully, we were issued all of the necessary state and federal permits for emergency repairs.  This means that we have six weeks to complete all of the repair work to our dam.


We plan to use sandbags to create a temporary dam above the stone dam that was breeched.  We'll divert the water from the creeks down the mill headrace.  This way we'll have water once again supplying the fishing ponds, the frog pond, and we should be able to operate the mill.  The sandbag dam will also prevent water from flowing over the dam so equipment can work to lift the heavy stones and rocks.  We hope to have all of the sandbags filled by the end of this week so work can begin on the dam next week.  (Follow our Facebook Page to find out when we'll need volunteers)  

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