We Have the Best Dam Volunteers

May 9, 2014

Word is starting to get out about our dam.  People are stopping by our Visitor Center to ask about it.  They are calling, emailing, and asking - how can we help?  One of our immediate needs is to begin filling sandbags and placing them in the creek.  Our plan is to create a temporary dam out of sandbags.  This will stop water flowing over the broken dam and allow us to get in equipment to begin the restoration.


Creating a temporary sandbag dam will also divert water from the creek into our headrace so we can once again begin operating the mill and supply water to our fishing ponds.


We put a call out on our Facebook page yesterday saying that we needed volunteers to help bag sandbags.  Today we had 8 volunteers show up ready to get dirty and help! In three hours, these 8 volunteers (and 3 staff members), bagged a total of 7.4 tons of sand.  They helped move all of the sand bags to the dam.  They assisted in placing a total of 400 sandbags into the creek above the dam. They would have kept working, but we ran out of sand. Like I said, we have the best dam volunteers!!!


Here is a link to our Facebook post with some more images of their work: https://www.facebook.com/newlingristmill/posts/782870001730694

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